Four generations from 1899 are the starting point of the present Ristorante Degli Angeli. Everything began with LA SOSTA (the stop), little grocery where today you can find the Bottega delle Delizie e delle Carni (delicatessen and meat grocery), the shop next to our restaurant. La Sosta was the place where travellers, local people and merchants going to other cities on business stopped to do some shopping. Here they used to find: bread, pasta, salt, lamp oil, umbrellas, buttons, tobacco and other essential goods. In the same room there were four tables where they could have beverages, wine by measure, and some sandwiches.
Not much later a little kitchen was installed, so cooked dishes like pasta and meat could be served, and we began the journey that would take us to the present Ristorante degli Angeli. There have been many changes and improvements but the most significant was made by MARIO MARCIANI with his wife ANTONIETTA in the sixties. At that time they were alone with three little children and three of their parents ANGELA, MARIA and ARMANDO, who, due to their age, helped them according to their possibilities.
The years passed and MARIO continued to carry out his ideas with innovation and dedication but there was a lack of help, except for his sister LILIA, able aide in the kitchen, so it became more and more harder the challenge of finishing his projects that grew with the growing of his experience.
With the passing of the years, those three children grew up and then, one step at time, MAURO, LAURA and MARCO joined the business, with great joy of their parents. Their contribution was interesting: LAURA, freshly graduated from a hotel-management school, carried a wave of freshness and innovation in the kitchen, MAURO added his ideas to his father’s ones so also the structure of the restaurant began to show a new look, MARCO, who from childhood liked theatre and cinema, moved in the hall with extreme elegance. All was going well, the fast path to the results that everybody wished them was just at the beginning. In the meantime, LAURA married SERGIO and in a short time they had GRAZIANO, there were still the grandparents to look at him, so LAURA could keep on her mission. Everything was going well but suddenly MARIO passed away. Everything collapsed, they missed the head of the project. ANTONIETTA, beside cooking, managed to get through the bureaucracy, but she was alone. In a short time a really young MARIO took upon himself what his father used to do and was able to keep the machine moving again. Some years later MAURO married MARILENA, who already worked for the family. MARILENA first worked in the hall, then started working in the kitchen after an apprenticeship with LAURA. After a few years MAURO and MARILENA had MATTEO, MARGHERITA, and MICHELE. Then SERGIO and LAURA had FRANCESCO. We have arrived to the present and in the last years we have completed the renovation of the restaurant hall, built a small hotel with 8 well equipped guest rooms and renovated completely the delicatessen shop (that has always been the starting point of all), creating also a wine and oil bar. Today LAURA and MARILENA with ANTONIETTA (when she’s not in the shop) are the queens of the kitchen, MAURO, skilled at the delicatessen desk, welcomes the guests and coordinates the hall service, MARCO keeps on with the cinema and theatre with good results but, when he can, he joins the hall staff to welcome all the clients who return at the weekend. SERGIO works in the administration and in external supplying. Last news: the oldest of the children of the last generation, GRAZIANO, is beginning to collaborate with us at the delicatessen shop. All the other children still go to school but with their keen observation they copy our action and sometimes make pies with the pastry dough etc. Maybe their playing will teach them the craft. The journey seems over, but it isn’t: our passion, dedication and love for this work make us dream of new goals.


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