La Sosta (the stop) in the 19th century was the name of the refreshment bar facing the street, where you arrive still today. In those rooms the Marciani family, our ancestors, used to sell spices, foods, wine by measure, oil for lamps, hats, umbrellas, salt and other necessity goods.
From this small business came the restaurant with the first four tables, where were served with a smile: homemade pasta, grilled chicken, beans in pot, vegetables, bread made in a wood oven and wine, all from the farmhouse of the Marciani family. Today "La Sosta" has become "La Bottega delle Delizie" (the delicatessen shop) mantaining the same care, the same love, the same culinary tradition based on the quality of the products offered for sale.
Hams, sausages, salami and other kinds of pork meat, vegetables in oil and visciola (a kind of cherry) tarts are only a small part of our products. The remaining, like meats, oils, cheeses, wines and other delicatessen are selected among our trusted manufacturers, being many of them family friends, scattered throughout the area between Latium, Tuscany, Piedmont, Trentino and Calabria.
Mauro Marciani can definitely satisfy your curiosity about the preparation of the recipes to be created with the purchase of our products, combining for example the best oils, local and national, and the most suitable wines.


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