On the green hills of the Sabina region, on the sunsets of the Cimini Mountains, with the foliage of the trees rocked by the mild breeze, here lies our hotel. The eight rooms are equipped with all the modern facilities, accurately designed in every detail, and naturally enhanced by the view of the enchanting sights offered by this land. This magnificent frame will provide all the relax you are looking for your staying.
The Degli Angeli Hotel has been built respecting the style of the ancient houses of the Sabina, with an elegant attention to all the modern needs. The gracious hospitality, excellent service and discretion that distinguish our hotel will make unforgettable your stay in the Sabina and every ceremony celebrated here. Set in a landscape on a human scale, far from the hustle of the city, the hotel offers the opportunity to spend relaxing moments, rich in taste for the palate and the eyes. The cuisine proposed by the restaurant is indeed refined, high-quality, natural and genuine, rich in typical dishes of the local tradition.



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