It seems we can still see them, our great-great grandfathers and great grandfathers, when they used to welcome at “La Sosta” the picturesque travellers and the tireless merchant of that time, who laid in goods and warmed themselves in front of a good dish of handmade pasta, a good wine and much human warmth. Our family has continued like this, from then to now, linked by the wish to grow and improve what our beloved forefathers passed down and taught with love: the value of hospitality.

Today we offer our clients the best of quality and excellence, fruit of years of constant research, both in gastronomy and hospitality, not to mention the accurate selection of the products sold at the Bottega, generous offerings from our beloved land of Sabina, rich for genuineness and freshness, essential elements at the base of our cuisine.

Sure to satisfy every desire, we hope that, when your stay will be over, you will take with you the wish to come back and see us.

Marco, Laura, Sergio, Antonietta, Mauro and Marilena… your Angels… thank you.

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